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Blog 2 / Way Finding Signage

Vista Systems

Take a look at this site, because it’s delicious, if you like way finding signs. I discovered this site through some different networks, but they have some state of the art technology when it comes to the architecture and design of way finding signs. Plus, they are an international design firm which is kinda cool when looking at this topic. Their main site has some cool technology and basic ideas of what the client wants, including: MCFT, wall frames, projecting wall brackets, directory, table stands, double sided pylons, suspended, post pylons and more. If you were going to do some research before starting a way finding project, I would highly recommend this site. Cheers.


Blog 3 / Way Finding Signage

Vital Signs

This is an article that basically details the function of a way finding system and the pros and cons that occur when designing them. I’ll insert some quotes, but the hyperlink to the site is above. It states that some variables that surface are “desired aesthetics, visability requirements, and budget, among other factors.” This site has some nice examples and a brief article, check it out.

Refined Comps


This here is my refined illustrator comp, of the infamous corn of course. I carefully made some adjustments to folding and scoring marks after a small critique to make sure the shells meld together tightly. It’s not all that different from the initial comps but the paper choice is being picked and the final adhesive is still being thought out. At the top, the stalk and the corn need to hold together before the viewer opens the package and I’m having trouble picking the right “holder-togetherer.” I think I’m going to have use magnets, but then there is the problem of hiding the magnets. Time will tell if I find a solution. But given time and patience, Carl usually finds a solution, but I want to highlight the word “usually.” 


Packaging Inspiration at Smashing Mag

Smashing Packaging
Here is a super article full or some super inspiration regarding packaging meshed with graphic design. If I had to mesh the two, I would have to mesh this way. Mesh away!

Initial Illustrator Comp


Step 1: Sketches, Step 2: Illustrator Comps, courtesy of Carl Gregg. Took some ideas, sketched them out and picked this one after some trial and error. I initially began on paper, looking at the most simple ways to achieve the best result. First, magnets. Quickly concluded that magnets would not be the best or safest route. Second, simply glue and paper. Yes. I want this to be clean, and take up space in a dynamic and realistic way. I’m going to opt out of illustrating anything on the paper but make it as architectually sound as possible. This way I will get a clean result. Finally, I want to use as little pieces as possible so that things fit together nicely, and if they don’t, the viewer can’t detect many flaws. This is not laziness, this is good planning. Write that down.

Corn on the Blog

My food product is corn on the cob, possibly with butter, possibly without. The trick is, how am i going to create corn on the cob the way the Creator did? He probably started out with a vision, translated that vision onto a two dimensional surface in the form of a layout (blueprints if you will), then started folding. He also probably chose the ultimate paper for the project, with real textures and colors. Well, I’m going to attempt this, omitting the final step, because the last time I tried to touch something and make it real, it didn’t. Instead of omniscent tools, I’m going to use an exacto, a cutting board, and possibly spray adhesive, but you have to stay tuned to find out. (Just kidding about the spray adhesive, maybe…)!!!







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