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Thoughts on the Semester

Wow, it’s hard to believe that this is the last post. Between this and online design i could publish a 300 pg. book of blogs. This sign and symbol class was a little more intense than the last time I took it. I love making symbols, and the complex aspect of a simple form but sometimes the process is a little excessive. I know I need to really think rationally instead of going straight to the computer and drawing out symbols and sticking with them. I guess I have learned the importance of the process, not only in this class, but in my stay in the graphics dept. There are steps to good design, and yes, you can skip some if needed, but I think the best results will come from a completed process. The food packaging project was really hated, BUT, I haven’t worked a super amount on stuff like that so it taught me some things within itself. My favorite project was the last, of course, it was more labor intensive, but also more fun. In all, I think I got a lot more from this class the second time around.


More Progress on Project



Okay again, the logo and directional signs have pretty much stayed the same. I spent some time completing the 10 park symbols and briefly went over the map with the pencil and pen tool. The 10 symbols seem to be working pretty well, so that is one more check. I need to make some adjustments to the map, come up with a 3d and advertising element, then package it all together in about a week. I know … i’m crunching time … but it isn’t procrastination … it is time constraints. I’m really starting to get the just of the pen tool in illustrator. I can sketch something out pretty quick now with that tool and relating symbols to one another is progressing. I need to work on advertising elements though, I haven’t worked a lot with that aspect of design, so I need to sharpen the skills.

Progress on Project

logo_wayfinding1Okay, this is not everything I have, but it is what I have closely complete. After playing with some colors and type choices for the logotype, we have decided on this one, a playful but sophisticated sans-serif. The directional symbols mimic the design of the logo with the same font (just bolder and thicker), and solid forms. The concept behind the directional signage is to symbolically reference the tubing in the park because that is the primary attraction of Pedernales Falls. As of right now, I working on the 10 symbols and map and later will add a simple Flash site for the advertising element.

Progress on Trans Project


I have designed a way finding system before but not to this extent. This time around we are putting the time into each element and work at a much higher level, which means the expectations are higher. I have truthfully learned that the fundamentals of a good logo should be sound and focused. I think many students don’t put enough thought into the logo and get started on the right foot. The logo is the foundation of the project and if you don’t have a good foundation then the rest isn’t going to be stable. Also, thumbnails are super good. I know, they drill it into your head like a screw but you never get it until you get it. It’s kinda like the Arby’s logo, I never knew what it was, then one day, an epiphany, it came to me : it’s a cowboy hat. Sketches and thumbnails give you a different approach that a computer could never give you. If you approach a problem from multiple angles then good solutions always follow. I am not sure my logo is sound yet, but I like the direction it is going. It is something different and uses a graceful approach, which I have yet to do. I think this will be a good addition to my portfolio when we get it wrapped up.

Way Finder Logo Sketches


Courtesy of Corbin Design



Blog 1 / Way Finding Signage

Corbin Design

Corbin Design is a pretty sweet little design firm specializing in way finding signage. I found them by looking at Raleigh’s new, modern sign system. They happen to be the design firm who created these doozies. But when I jumped to their site, I found a gorgeous definition of what they think way finding systems are and I will detail it here: “Direction for people in motion. It considers all the tools you use to share information with visitors: print and broadcast media, the Web, new technology, and signs in the environment. Properly designed, it ties together verbal and visual cues throughout your organization: architecture, interiors, lighting and landscape design.” If you like their definition and want to find out more, click the hyperlink above. If not, then get off my blog haterrrr.