Symbol Disco

Carl Gregg : Sign & Symbol

More Progress on Project



Okay again, the logo and directional signs have pretty much stayed the same. I spent some time completing the 10 park symbols and briefly went over the map with the pencil and pen tool. The 10 symbols seem to be working pretty well, so that is one more check. I need to make some adjustments to the map, come up with a 3d and advertising element, then package it all together in about a week. I know … i’m crunching time … but it isn’t procrastination … it is time constraints. I’m really starting to get the just of the pen tool in illustrator. I can sketch something out pretty quick now with that tool and relating symbols to one another is progressing. I need to work on advertising elements though, I haven’t worked a lot with that aspect of design, so I need to sharpen the skills.


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