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Carl Gregg : Sign & Symbol

Progress on Trans Project


I have designed a way finding system before but not to this extent. This time around we are putting the time into each element and work at a much higher level, which means the expectations are higher. I have truthfully learned that the fundamentals of a good logo should be sound and focused. I think many students don’t put enough thought into the logo and get started on the right foot. The logo is the foundation of the project and if you don’t have a good foundation then the rest isn’t going to be stable. Also, thumbnails are super good. I know, they drill it into your head like a screw but you never get it until you get it. It’s kinda like the Arby’s logo, I never knew what it was, then one day, an epiphany, it came to me : it’s a cowboy hat. Sketches and thumbnails give you a different approach that a computer could never give you. If you approach a problem from multiple angles then good solutions always follow. I am not sure my logo is sound yet, but I like the direction it is going. It is something different and uses a graceful approach, which I have yet to do. I think this will be a good addition to my portfolio when we get it wrapped up.


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