Symbol Disco

Carl Gregg : Sign & Symbol

Initial Illustrator Comp


Step 1: Sketches, Step 2: Illustrator Comps, courtesy of Carl Gregg. Took some ideas, sketched them out and picked this one after some trial and error. I initially began on paper, looking at the most simple ways to achieve the best result. First, magnets. Quickly concluded that magnets would not be the best or safest route. Second, simply glue and paper. Yes. I want this to be clean, and take up space in a dynamic and realistic way. I’m going to opt out of illustrating anything on the paper but make it as architectually sound as possible. This way I will get a clean result. Finally, I want to use as little pieces as possible so that things fit together nicely, and if they don’t, the viewer can’t detect many flaws. This is not laziness, this is good planning. Write that down.


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